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Advertising Rates


Published rates honored for all advertising covered by authorized insertion order.

Sizes / Rates
1X 4X 6X
Full Page $2899.00 $2609.00 $2399.00
1/2 Page $1999.00 $1799.00 $1599.00
1/3 Page $1469.00 $1322.00 $1175.00
1/4 Page $1125.00 $1012.00 $899.00
Column inch $60.00    

Prices include 4/color process

Special Positions
Back Cover 10% Extra
Center Spread 20% Extra
Special Requested Positions 10% Extra

Product Spotlight
Per item, per issue $499.00

*Frequency discounts are not applicable to Product Spotlight.

Internet Advertising

Internet Directory, which runs concurrently at and in the printed publication, is $700 per year.
Prepayment is required for all internet advertising

Advertising Agency Commission

15% commission is paid on space, color, and special position to recognized advertising agencies when payment is made within terms. Agency commissions are forfeited after 75 days from date of invoice.

Net 10 days; a charge of 1 1/2% per month will be added after 30 days of invoice date.